On How To Register Your Business Name With Corporate Affairs Commission in 5 Days or Less Without A Lawyer, an Accountant or an Agent

By The End of This Training, You Will Be Able To Register Any Business Name with CAC, FAST & EASY From The Comfort of Your Laptop/Computer... Even if You Don't Have ANY Experience!


You Can Start Your Business Name Registration on Monday and Collect Your Certificate on Friday?

Contrary to popular opinion, you can also have your business legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria without a lawyer or an agent, and it cost way less.

In fact, if you take action right now, it cost just ₦5,500 to reserve, register and collect your certificate with CAC.

FG Extends 50% Discount For Business Name Registration to 13th August, 2019.

So, if you are looking for a way to register a Business name or Enterprise in Nigeria without stressing yourself out or breaking the bank, the easiest alternative is to do it yourself. And that's what you're going to learn today.


It is important I state that a BUSINESS NAME is different from a Company. A company is seen as a separate legal entity from its owners. 

A single individual can undertake the registration of a BUSINESS NAME otherwise known as an Enterprise but not a company.

Business Name registration is the process of getting a unique BUSINESS NAME registered as an enterprise with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

By registering your BUSINESS NAME, you get legal identification.

This Training is meant for those who are interested in running a legal business here in Nigeria and registering their business entity in Nigeria under Part B of the Companies and Allied Matters Act. Which is one of the 3 general company structures that an individual can register in Nigeria, the other 2 are incorporated companies and incorporated trustees.

Basic Requirements:

  • A Personal Computer (PC)
  • An Internet Network
  • A Valid Email Address.
  • Some Few Cash, (as little as ₦5,500 right now)
  • A Debit ATM Card With Either GTBank, Access Bank, First Bank, UBA Bank, Zenith Bank

Other requirements neede will be sheard in the training videos...

The benefits of registering your business with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria (CAC) cannot be over-emphasized.

Aside other benefits of having your business name registered, one that struck me most is having a Unique Legal Identity to run your business. This actually gives your customers confidence and trust in your business as they see it more legit.

So, it is therefore compulsory that you register your business name, if you really want it to be successful. In other words, your success in business may not be actualize if your business is not registered.

Why Must I Register My Business Name?

Perhaps you're still confused on why it's paramount for your business name to be registered... The best way to describe this is to tell you a short story.


Jayson is an entrepreneur who uses the best quality leather to make amazing and jaw dropping shoes for both men and women.

For five years now he has been in this line of work and thousands of people trust and love his shoes.

In fact, his shoe business has gone so big that people commonly refer to it as ‘Jay shoes’.People actually go to the market and ask for ‘Jay shoes’

Majority of his customers are so loyal that they will not wear any other brand of shoes (local or foreign) except for Jay’s collections.

Business and everything was going really well for Jayson, but something happened...

One smart entrepreneur (let’s call him Samuel) caught a bright idea and decided to register a company and named it “Jay Shoes” Company.

It didn't cost him time, effort nor money, and Samuel went through to register his new company. Guess what? Samuel's company makes shoes too. These shoes are also of high quality but they’re not as good as the popular Jay shoes.

But the interesting thing is, Samuel’s company’s shoes are now everywhere in the market, and labeled ‘Jay Shoes’.

As you may have guessed, Jayson finds out that another company is selling its shoes with a ‘Jay Shoes’ label. He was so furious and started thinking of what he can do...?

If he does nothing, these new shoes that carry his name will confuse his customers and he could lose sales. So he decides to sue Samuel’s company - “Fred Shoes" Company.

Who do you think will triumph when this matter gets to court?

The facts of this case are quite simple:

One person (Samuel) owns and runs a business that is legally registered and recognized by law. The other person (Jayson), although running a very successful but NOT a registered business by law. Jayson has become a victim of his own mistake. He owns and has been operating a business that doesn’t legally exist.

This is a sad example of the kind of unfortunate things that could happen when a business is not properly set up and registered.

It is often tempting to postpone or think that business registration can wait or is not really important.

The truth is, you may be building something that could become very big and popular in the nearest future. However, if you don’t do something as basic as registering your business, all your hardwork could easily be wasted, or worse, the glory of your business be taken over by somebody else.

In summary, this story teaches us (with a hard lesson) exactly why its paramount to have your business legally registered and recognized by law.

Then only you can enjoy certain rights, benefits and privileges that an unregistered business cannot enjoy.

So Why Wait...?

Are you ready to Learn How to Register Your Business Name From The Comfort Of Your PC?



The FASTEST & EASIEST Practical Step-by-Step VIDEO Guide To Register Your Business Name By Yourself, With Corporate Affairs Commission In Nigeria

Here's What You'll Get In The Business Name Registration Video Guide


Section A - Acquiring The Right Mindset & Best Structure That'll Enable You Register Any Business Name Successfully Without Encountering Any Problem In The Process

Forget the confusion and misconceptions you’re used to concerning getting your business name registered.

Today, I’ll show you the RIGHT and SIMPLE approach that works in a shocking way – and it doesn’t even cost money to try it out.

The SECTION A will show you the right structure for your business name registration - it doesn't matter what kind of business you're into, you need to know and understand the right structure to follow when registering your business, so you don't end up making mistakes that might affect the success and growth of your business.


Section B - The Fastest Way To Choose The Right Names For Your Registration and How To Avoid Prohibited and Restricted Names, So Your Business Won't Get Into Trouble

Nigeria, like any other country in the world has laws and guidelines that governs the registration and operation of businesses.

When trying to reserve a name at the Corporate Affairs Commission; certain name formats will just not go through because they are absolutely not allowed. Some are restricted to the type of registration vehicle while some are just prohibited and can't be used.

In SECTION B, I will show how to choose the right registration vehicle to use for your kind of business.


SECTION C - Easy Methods That Show You Exactly How To Get Approved And Collect Your Certificate In 5 Days or Less

Contrary to popular opinion, you won't have to wait for too long to collect your certificate if everything is done right and you follow the right process...

In SECTION C, I'll show you with live examples how to package and submit the right documents for fast assessment and approval. And if you follow my guidelines, you will be able to finish the whole process and collect your certificate within 5 working days or less.

Worth Over ₦20,000


When You Compare All The Methods And Time I've Dedicated In Making This Program, With Other Methods People Teach...

Also for the the FACT that I have been able to save you from giving someone HUGE amount of money to do something you can literally do in your bedroom and for way less.


What I’m about to give you is going to help you not only register your business name, but also for other people, which you can charge a little fee for doing something that is 100% easy and stress-free!



The Total Value For Business Name Registration Video Training Guide Is

But you’re not going to pay ₦20,000 today…

Even though that's what you'll give to an agent or lawyer to register your business name.

So I can charge you a ONE-TIME training fee of ₦20,000 right now…

And it’ll be worth it, because all you need to Register Any Business Name is right there...

Now, what If I show you this secret strategy and all I ask for you to pay is just ₦15,000 – will you pay the ₦15,000 to get it?

Yes! You'll pay because it worth it...

But, right now – I’m doing a marketing experiment…

All you need to become a Pro in Registering of Business Names from Start to Finish in Nigeria… And collect your certificate – just from the comfort of your computer/laptop…

You ONLY Need a small investment of…


That’s it! No Long Discussion! Just One-Time Payment…

But, since you're now my friend, I want to sweeten the offer for you a little bit, if you're serious about getting the FULL knowledge on How To Successfully Register ANY Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria…


47% Discount Offer - Which Ends on July 8th 2019

YES, lol... During the Discount Offer,

You will pay ONLY – ₦4,500.

My Friend, Listen…

I know it’s very cheap, compare to the value in it (and I’m not stupid either). But don't worry…

If you don't ORDER NOW, you’ll worry when the discount ends and then you will have to pay the FULL ₦8,500.

I reserve the right to SHUT DOWN this offer – anytime – even before the discount end date.

I can wake up tomorrow and revert the price to its original ₦8,500 – without any public announcement, even if you’re my close friend. Make sense? 

So, I STRONGLY recommend you DON'T LEAVE this page without placing an order & acquiring your own Business Name Registration Video Guide...



Congratulations! You're The Best...

You’re one step away from getting your hands on the A-Z Business Name Registration Video Training Guide.

Total Value Worth – ₦20,000+

Best Price – Only ₦15,000

Normal Price – Only ₦8,500

Today’s Special Price





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Send a message with your name and email to or Send WhatsApp Message or SMS to 07056807197 get your program and bonuses.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Try Risk Free For The Next 30 Days

This program has the best and easiest methods to learn how to register their business name with corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria and collect your certificate within 5 days or less.

So, you’re either fully satisfied and learn everything you need to know about registering a business name in Nigeria, or…

Send us an email to or chat 07056807197 for a full refund of your investment.

After showing us proof you did the work exactly as I teach, but you’re unhappy because you tried everything I teach and you were still unable to get any business name registered…


See Others Registering And Collecting Their Certificate In Matter Of Days...

Don't Waste Time - Get Your Business Registered Today!

Quick Advice You Shouldn't Take Except You Want To…

Offer A Service:

There're thousands, if not millions of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Businesses in Nigeria that are yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and I can tell you that majority of these business owners wants to register their business name but don't know how to it.

Here you can come in, get it done within a week and make cool cash right while you're still running your business.

This can be like a side hustle and extra income generator for you...

I have registered dozens of Business names in the past months right from the comfort of my PC, with a minimum service charge of ₦5,000.

Now, let's say you can only register 3 business names per week, that's a WHOOPING ₦15,000 as an extra cash PER WEEK!

With the knowledge you'll gain from this Video Guide of just ₦8,500 or no, ₦4,500 (discount price now), you can start making thousands of Naira into your bank account by just registering Business Names for business owners.

So, my friend...

What Are You Waiting For?

Have A Question Or Need Help Deciding?

Call or WhatsApp


 Frequently Asked Questions...

Question #1: How much does it cost to have a business name registered with CAC in Nigeria?

Ans: The standard fee to reserve your business name is ₦500 and to register the name is ₦10,000. But the FG of Nigeria Extends 50% Discount For Business Name Registration to August 13th , 2019. So now, you can register your business name for just ₦5,500.

Question #2: How Long does it take to reserve a business name?

Ans: According the Corporate Affairs Commission, you can pay and have your business name reserved for 60days. If you didn't go back to register it within that period, that reserved name will Expire and be open to anyone.

Question #3: Do I need to register my business name?

Ans: The need or benefits of having your business legally registered cannot be over-emphasized. But to answer this question, YES, you need to have your business registered, even before commenting the business.

Question #4: How Old can my business be before registering it?

Ans: As a matter of fact, your business should not be more than 28 days old before commencing registration. But I'll show you how to by-pass this even if your business has been in operation for

Question $5: How quick can I get my certificate?

Ans: If you follow my detailed step-by-step video guide, you should be done with the whole process and collet your certificate in 5 working days or less.

Question #6:  Will my certificate be delivered to my address or I will go pickup?

Ans: I wish Nigerian system gets to the point where they ship your certificate to you, but sadly NO. After your application is approved, you will promoted to go pick up your certificate at the nearest CAC originating office your chose while registering.

Question #7:  Will I be Able To Open A Company Account afterwards?

Ans:  Of course, just go with your certificate and other requirements to any bank of your chosen and get your company bank account opened ASAP!

Question #8: Can I offer It As A Service?

Ans:  I consider you smart for asking, and YEA, you can start registering business names for business owners and get that extra cash into your bank account. In the RESOURCE Folder in the training course, I will give you LIST of what your client should provide to make your job as easy as COPY & PASTE.

Question #9: How can I contact you if I encounter any difficulties?

Ans:  My number is displayed on one of the training videos so you can communicate with me personally.


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